It is amazing but true. The Greek judiciary is challenged by the elements, as the postponement of a very high-profile trial involving corruption demonstrated today.

The trial of individuals involved in the C4I Olympics security system, which was to be launched by an Athens court today, was delayed, supposedly due to the low temperature in the courtroom.

Efforts to find another courtroom were unsuccessful.

Today’s proceedings involved the filing of objections, and in that context the lawyer for the American representatives of the SAIC company, Themis Sofos, requested that the court bar the Greek state from the civil suit, citing a related decision of the Arbitration Court.

According to that decision, which was upheld by an Athens appellate court, the Greek state is obliged to pay the American company 39.7mn euros.

More petitions to expel the Greek state from the court as a party to the case are expected from the lawyers of others who have been charged.

The trial is scheduled to resume next week, on 5 December.