The anarchist activist group Rouvikonas conducted two forays today, οne at the Federation of Industries in Northern Greece in Thessaloniki, and the other at the Ministry of Agriculture in Athens.

Members of the group posted a video of their foray in Thessaloniki on the anarchist website Indymedia.

Five members of the group entered the offices of the Federation of Industries in Northern Greece, where they dropped fliers attacking the politics of the federation and then placed a banner at the entrance of the building and departed unhindered.

The fliers (photo above) stated «No peace with the bosses».

In a lengthy post on the reason for the foray, the group stated that the federation has led the fight against the working class.

“The Federation of Industries in Northern Greece has led the way in the attack of employers against the working class. For this reason today, Thursday, 6/9/2018, we decided to intervene at its central offices in order to remind people that as many communications fanfares as the dominant political personnel may come up with, The Federation of Industries in Northern Greece will remain one of our basic class enemies.”

Later, a group of about 15 hooded Rouvikonas members barged into the Ministry of Agriculture in Athens, at 2pm. They threw fliers on all the floors of the ministry’s offices and left. Police apprehended five individuals.

The fliers stated “Bayer-Monsanto and the Greek state are spreading death”.

In another statement, the group said that, “On 6/3/2018, the competent bureaus of the agriculture ministry officially gave their approval for the Monsanto company’s product Roundup Flex [a herbicide], which contains the substance glyphosate [believed by many to be a carcinogen], to be sold legally for the next five years.”