An on-site inspection of areas affected by the deadly Eastern Attica wildfires was conducted by Supreme Court Prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou (photo above) and the head of the Lower Court Prosecutor’s Office, Elias Zagoraios.

Sources say the inspection was conducted on 3 August, and lasted over six hours.

The prosecutors’ probe is not limited to the causes of the fire and town planning violations. It will probe the responsibilities of state and municipal government officials who were implicated in the tragic events.

What will play a decisive role in the prosecutors’ probe is the handing over to prosecutors of the recorded communications of those involved before and after the disaster, in order to be examined by an independent expert who is assisting prosecutors in their investigation.

The experts are expected to have the data by the end of next week and they will be reviewed by judicial authorities.


Former parliament speaker and current head of the Plefsi Eleftherias party, Zoe Konstantopoulou filed a lawsuit in the Athens Lower Court Prosecutor’s Office today, along with party spokesman Diamantis Karanastasis.

She said the lawsuit targets government and local government officials and bureaucrats, whose acts or omissions are directly linked to the tragic death of dozens of citizens in the fire.

The 17-page lawsuit describes a series of felonies, such as intentional manslaughter with possible deceit, and serial exposure, which led to death or serious health problems.

“Despite the high degree of danger, which even the prime minister knew, the competent bureaus and services were entirely unprepared and outside the battle,” it states.
The Lower Court Prosecutor’s Office probe of the disaster is in full swing.