The large number of deaths in the deadly wildfires in Mati and Neo Voutza is having a catalytic impact on the country’s political scene.

The government is in an exceptionally difficult position and is incapable of managing the generalised doubts, which this time have politically injured the prime minister personally.

Previous crises had not harmed Mr. Tsipras, who in some magical way surpassed him and stayed away from the firing line. No criticism could touch him.

For some reason the citizens forgave him, perhaps because they recognised that there were extenuating circumstances.

There was also the great weight, the unprecedented wear of his opponents, which created a fence of toleration and protection.

After the horrible day of 23 July, everything changed.

He became personally involved in the management of this crisis. Even worse, citizens got the impression that he deceived public opinion so as to limit the negative consequences.

Moreover, his associates, chiefly his coalition partner and Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, displayed audacity and aggressiveness toward the fire-stricken, and revealed their cynicism and emotional handicap.

The tragic event essentially pulled away the curtain of protection. The PM and his ministers revealed themselves, and the management and political inadequacies that until that tragic Monday were well hidden, were exposed.

What also came to the forefront were the accumulated errors, the many disappointments. Previous indications of inadequacy were evaluated in a very different manner.

That is how tolerance was lost, doubts grew, and condemnation was generalised.

Now, the government is in an extremely tense situation, with strong internal clashes.

There are mutual recriminations, the internal cohesion has collapsed, and everyone is out for himself.

There will soon be efforts for a restructuring and reorganisation of forces, but nothing seems able to change the condition of an absolute political wearing down.

On the contrary, everything indicates that the Tsipras government was also burned in the ashes of the great tragedy.

That is why there is no room for adventurism.

The best thing that the prime minister can do is to accept the idea of a decent and organised departure from office.
That is how things work in democracies.

Anything else will harm everyone, and above all the country and its people, who have faced many trials.