Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras walked away with empty hands after yesterday’s meeting with president Erdogan, as the turkish side stubbornness won’t allow a solution for the two greek militants who are imprisoned.

Prime Minister could not take even a deadline of when could begin a fair trial about the two militants Kouklatzis and Mitreodis, so that could been put charges on them, pay for that but be aware of when they will come back home.

The onvious relation Erdogan made with the 8 turkish militants lives very little space for optimism when even the time the meeting lasted shows that there where disgusted other issues too, of major importance, such as bellicosity in Aegean, Cyprus, even Thrace.

Turkish stubbornness and the attempt of relating the two cases leaves little place for agreement, Despite the fact that Mr Tsipras seemed to be more optimist before the meeting, turkish articles tell that Turkey bargains hard and is not willing to make a move of good will.

For example the newspaper Vatan is referred to a discussion between the two leaders with Tayyip Erdogan saying;

«Tsipras complained to NATO and said that our militants who  accidentally  crossed the borders are kept hostages in Turkey. But he said nothing about the asylum given to the coup perpetrator soldiers».

Turkish newspaper talk about Erdogan accusing Tsipras about FETO. Additionally, Sabah writes that Tsipras refused to talk to turkish newspapers.

The greek prim minister talked about a «severe matter of moral and symbolic importance that concerns the relations between the two countries and does not honor the neighbor country, considering its importance to NATO, to keep, without putting charges, two militants of a fellow NATO member country». The greek side -according to Prime Minister- doesn’t ask for a favor, but for the immediate beginning of the trial. However, the answer comming fro the turkish side obviously didn’t set things clear, but also grew doubts about the turkish goals.

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