According to government sources, Athens' initiative is not a surprise, but it is an outcome after many co-ordinated tries of russian expansion in Dreece

A sudden deterioration of russian – greek relations comes of the decision greek government made about deporting two Russian diplomats and forbidding entrance in Greece to two more, accusing them for illegal actions against national security. Russia replied immediately while, according to latest information from Reuters agency shared by Interfax, russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Moscow will reply to Athens the same way, meaning that they are about to deport greek diplomats. Shortly after the information was published, a russian MP confirmed that Russia is indeed about to deport two greek diplomats.

As it was earlier known, Athens seems to accuse the diplomats for trying to eduse and channel information, but also to draft officials. According to diplomatic sources, Athens has already decided and commanded the immediate deportation of two people -one of them is an official of russian embassy Victor Yakovlev- and forbid entrance into the country to two more, who seem to be involved in many actions, among of which informational action (the term of collecting and channeling information) against Greece.

According to government sources, Athens’ initiative is not a surprise, but it is an outcome after many co-ordinated tries of russian expansion in Dreece. Diplomatic sources include among them  actionss of many russian circles of interest, such as the Imperial Orthodox Palaistinian Union. Athens’ reaction is, among other things, a message to Russia about all those actions.

Additionally, according to other diplomatic sources, besides Athens’ tries to maintain relations with Moscow on a good level, lately some «mechanisms» connected with russian interests in Greece are trying to mix into the country’s cases.

Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, government’s representative, confirmed on the subject that arose. «Greece has proved on a multidimensional policy about foreign affairs that aims on good relations with everyone». And he continued that «it is not possible to accept actions that violate international laws».

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