The municipality wants to create easier access to the Castle of Monemvasia with the cable car and submitted to the Recovery Fund the technical data sheet for the project for financing

The Technical Bulletin of the Municipality of Monemvasia for the project “Supply and installation of a lift for people for the castle of Monemvasias and accompanying projects” has been submitted to the Special Coordination Service of the Recovery Fund through the NSPR Staff Structure of the Ministry of Education and Culture, The project is projected to have a total cost of  €6,800,360.00.

The project concerns:

a) the supply, installation and operation of a reversible elevator in the castle of Monemvasia, primarily to ensure the access of disabled people as well as people with mobility difficulties to the Upper Town of Monemvasia, and secondarily for the fastest approach to it in the context of dealing with emergencies and transport of materials for the maintenance of the monuments of the Upper Town,

b) the preparation and implementation of studies for the formation of a network of tour routes in the archaeological site of Ano Polis and connecting the arrival area of ​​the lift with the visitable monuments of Ano Polis, which will also constitute the end point of the tour routes. Large parts of the network will be accessible by disabled people. The studies that will be prepared are: Topographic and Photogrammetric works, Architecture, Statics, E/M and

c) restoration of the superstructure of the wall section of the Upper City of Monemvasia at the arrival point of the lift with work to clean the root systems from the sides and the base of the wall, application of deep grouting with mortar compatible with the existing one, application of homogenizing grouts, stone joints in the areas of cracks, local removal-recovery of parts of stone structures, local additions to the elevation of ramparts and superstructure crowns, construction of final joints, local excavating at the base of the wall, taking rainwater runoff measures.

The lift (cable car) of Monemvasia will be an extremely innovative project for an archaeological site, which will significantly contribute to the wider effort to upgrade both the Upper Town and the Castle of Monemvasia.

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