The president of hospital doctor’s union EINAP, Matina Pagoni, referred again to the issue of surgeries.

The issue with the regular surgeries in the hospitals was mentioned again by Matina Pagoni who was invited to the show “Society Hour MEGA”. The president of EINAP clarified that the surgeries in the hospitals will be done normally in order to serve the non covid cases as well.

We note that a letter sent by the Deputy Minister of Health, Mina Gaga to the governors of the Health Regions, has provoked strong reactions, asking for the reduction, where possible, of the regular surgeries, in order to cover the needs arising from the pressure on the NHS by the pandemic.

Matina Pagoni commented on Ms. Gaga’s statement. “There is no opposition to the ministry, we are just saying that they have to be done, we are right, it just did not manage the story properly.”

“We who are in the hospitals and manage the situation will manage this as well. Each hospital will try in cooperation with the administration to improve the situation in order to be serve,” she added.

The statements by Matina Pagoni

“Deniers react to excessive information”

Ms. Pagoni stressed that she has been in contact with anti-vaxers and conveyed their views. “How will you manage things and what do you have to do so we go and get vaccinated? They say that the way we handled things was not right and that we are constantly appearing in the media, that is their view.”

“Perhaps we should have left the world more free. It is an idea that should concern us”, noted Ms. Pagoni.

“I saw pictures of crowds in the shops that scared me,” she said of the increased traffic in the market. “There is a lot of mobility these days. There are holidays. The world is out and about,” she added.

“Double mask”

She also referred to some protection measures “to wear a double mask, indoors and the unvaccinated to be okay to do a rapid test”.

The show also presented the health predicament of a five-year-old boy, who after suffering from coronavirus developed a rare syndrome. “Parents do not know the seriousness and criticality of the post-covid period. Even for the children, who fortunately most of them become only slightly ill”, commented the mother of 5-year-old Mary Economou.

“Our child did not have this luck, while he passed his quarantine lightly with 2-3 days of fever. Four weeks later, the coronavirus caused him a multi-systemic inflammatory syndrome.”

The child was hospitalized in Venizelio hospital for 12 days and the doctors, after the doctors found what proper treatment they should give him, as the syndrome has been recently discovered.

“I do not know if it is worthwhile not to vaccinate our children,” Ms. Economou commented. “Now after all that we went through, seeing another incident in my family, yes, I would,” she noted. She said that the mild illness of the children and the advice of the pediatricians confuse parents.

“Pediatricians are very sensitive concerning young children,” Ms Pagoni said. “We are still studying the coronavirus”, concluded Matina Pagoni.

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