Transfers the production of its laminated cards to Greece – Over 200 million euros is the turnover that passes through the δεβιτ cards issued by the company

The production of its laminated cards is transferred from today το Greece by the company Ederned Greece in collaboration with Inform P. Lykos.

According to the CEO of Edenred Giannis Kolovos “we transfer to Greece the production of plastic cards improving the way we serve our customers”.

It is noted that from the second quarter of 2022, Edenred in Greece proceeds to the transition of its entire portfolio to recycled plastic cards. This is the first company in Greece that innovates and makes such a move for all its services.

The company that invented the Ticket Restaurant meal orders, works with more than 6,000 companies in the Greek market and more than 10,000 stores (of which 3,500 supermarkets / mini markets and the rest from the restaurant sector) serving daily more than 300,000 employees.

The value of the orders and cards issued by Edenred in the Greek market amounts to approximately 200 million euros, while the company’s strategy is to further expand its partnerships, targeting 2,000 stores per year. During the pandemic, it added 1,000 new stores to its network.

At the same time, the company is investing in the digitization of its solutions, placing Ticket Restaurant ZERO on the Greek market , the first intangible solution for mobile payments. The new 100% digital solution, works in addition to the existing product proposals of the company and is part of a complete and long-term digital strategy, which comes to modernize the experience of its customers.

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