The president of hospital doctors union EINAP, Matina Pagoni, announced the third dose of vaccination for everyone, speaking to the MEGA television.

“Of course we will undergo a third installment. We have been saying this for a long time. We are waiting for the Vaccines Committee, which are late in their suggestions “, noted Ms. Pagoni, saying that the issue will proceed in October.

According to her, after the immunosuppressed and the health, the priority for the third dose will be “those who were vaccinated in January and February”, while she estimated that the third dose will be given 6-8 months after the completion of the vaccination.

“Delta is an aggressive mutation in children and young people. One of the most difficult mutations we have. We did not expect it either,” the doctor stressed.

She then referred to the need to vaccinate children.

“In Los Angeles, they made it mandatory to vaccinate children in schools because there were so many cases. And a large percentage entered the ICU. And none of us would want to see intubated children under any terms,” he said, calling on pediatricians to inform parents to vaccinate their children.

“Parents should vaccinate their children for their safety. “I would not like to see children in hospitals and ICUs,” he stressed.

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