It was a NATO exercise, but tailored to Greek measures. The exercise of electronic warfare and blindness of enemy radars and weapons systems that was carried out west of Crete, with military support from Crete, thus highlighting once again the strategic importance that Crete has for the defense of the country and the Alliance.

It was also a multinational NATO exercise in a maritime area, where the illegal Turko-Libyan memorandum is supposed to begin, something that has bothered Ankara. It was called “Dynamic Guard 21-II”.

Its objective purpose, as stated by the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff, was the practical training of the participating units of the Standing Allied Naval Force Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG-2) and our country in the execution of electronic warfare (EW) operations and missile operations, as well as the operational and combat capability and interoperability of trainees in an allied framework and in a realistic environment that resembles multi-threat conditions.

In air and sea

The Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff provided strong forces for this exercise, such as the frigates “ADRIAS” and “Navarino”, the general support ship “Prometheus”, the fast patrol missile “Grigoropoulos”, an S-70B helicopter and F-16 fighter jets. while as a host country Greece provided port facilities at the Souda Naval Base, as well as air service at the 115th Battle Wing in Crete.

The exercise also involved naval units from several European countries, as well as means under NATO’s Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS).

This exercise is added to the joint trainings and collaborations planned and carried out by the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff with an emphasis on electronic warfare in the aeronautical environment of the wider region of Crete, highlighting once again the strategic value of the military facilities and facilities of the island and inter-alliance framework.

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