German tourists are first, while Poland is the surprise

About 2.3 million tourists have visited Greece so far, as Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki said in a morning show.

For another year, so far Germany has starred with 412,000 tourist arrivals in Greece, while the big surprise comes from the Polish market.

As the Deputy Minister of Tourism pointed out a little later, in her statements to AMNA, the Poles who came to Greece so far amount to 202,000 when last year a total of 295,000 came, with all that implies for the tourist flows to Greece this year and in the future .

Regarding the US market, tourist arrivals amount to 100,000 visitors to Greece.

In any case, the tourist flows are encouraging and the Deputy Minister draws everyone’s attention so that the tourism bet is won.

It is recalled that in 2020 the incoming travel traffic decreased by 78.2% and amounted to 7,406,000, compared to 34,005,000 in 2019.

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