The battle against the invisible enemy, as the coronavirus has become known, is entering its most critical phase

The coming days and our ability to halt the annual Eastern exodus from Attica to the provinces will determine whether arduous and to date successful efforts to contain the epidemic are in the end crowned with success or blown out of the water.

As Prime Miister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a brief, televised national address yesterday, “Just a thread separates victory from catastrophe and if we do not abide by the advice of the experts we can destroy what we have achieved.”

The danger described by the prime minister was demonstrated over the last few days with the confirmation of coronavirus cases in small, closed places.

It is clear that the spread rate curve that has been flattened can at any moment rise once again if we do not exhibit the necessary diligence and discipline in following public health guidelines to the very end.

The restrictions on movement during Holy week will be extensive and strictly enforced by police.

We shall all be required for the first time ever to deprive ourselves of deeply-rooted and beloved Easter traditions and customs.

These days due to their particular traditional characteristics – such as packed churches toward the end of Holy Week and large Easter gatherings of extended family and friends at homes – will be decisive in determining future developments.

If compliance with restrictions on movement and social distancing measures remains at high levels the gradual loosening of these measures will begin sooner rather than later.

Otherwise the uphill struggle with a deadly enemy will continue.

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