With the decision of the Council of State on the so-called [former labour minister Yorgos] Katrougalos law the high court resolved a a pending issue that hindered the smooth functioning of the economy.

One need only consider that with the insurance law up in the air the state was unable to calculate its expenditures and businesses could not put their affairs in order.

The same was true for freelance professionals and the self-employed.

This decision reminds us of the importance of the swift meting out of justice.

Cases that fester before the judiciary hinder the improvement and overall growth of the economy.

An efficient judiciary is a precondition for a productive economy.

That principle does not apply only to laws that affect all our lives.

It concerns both disputes between private citizens and between private citizens and the state.

The decision of the Highest Administrative Court reminds us that the insurance system remains an intractable issue in our country.

Many important provisions of the law were judged unconstitutional which means they must replaced with others that are in line with the Constititution.

Here we are dealing truly with a perplexing issue with many parameters, including an aging population.

In any event, the country needs a viable insurance system, and the government must swiftly address the issue,

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