Former New Democracy MP and current parliamentary candidate Alexandros Moraitakis has revealed that New Democracy’s economic programme was not created by politicians but rather by “people of the market”, which is to say business figures.

Moraitakis since 1991 has been the CEO of Nuntius Brokers and has previously held positions at Emporiki Bank (Commercial Bank), at Arthur Andersen as an auditor and as Assistant Vice-President at Merrill Lynchin the 1970’s, and with international investment banks.

He has also involved himself with real estate transactions.

Speaking to “One” web television, Moraitakis said that technocratic knowledge is lacking in politics because, “It is very difficult to gain election as an MP. It is a different job.”

Moraitakis last entered Parliament in 2014 when as runner-up he took the seat of Andreas Psycharis who resigned.

Picking the right technocrats

Regarding New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ 3 June statement that he will rely on technocrats – not as ministers but as advisors – Moraitakis said, “I look at what type of technocrat is involved. Many times, anyone may think that they are suitable but not just anyone is suitable.”

Ex-ministers have studied, businessmen drafted programme

Moraitakis was also asked if New Democracy ministers with economics-related portfolios made serious mistakes in the past why they will be better now.

“I don’t know if it will be the same people. That is an issue for Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis to decide. Now they have read and studied,” he said.

“The programme has not been drafted by the [former] ministers. The proof of that is that we may not necessarily know these things. The programme has been created by people from the market, people of action with the secretaries and the secretariats [economy-related shadow ministers and staff].”

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