The ruling party’s stubborn persistence in defending a regime that resorts to extreme authoritarianism and violence to stay in power, the regime of Nicolas Maduro, raises serious questions.

Even for the most well-intentioned observer, it is difficult to understand how a party that swears by left-wing values and which believes in democracy and liberty can support such an undemocratic and unfree regime.

Might there be something else beyond their ideological kinship that links the ruling party to the Maduros regime? What justifies this toleration toward a regime that displays no compunction about including the arrest of minors in its arsenal of coercive measures?

Are the Greek comrades of Mr. Maduros not moved by his victims? Why are they turning a blind eye? Why are they not listening? Why is it that they have only words of sympathy for such an authoritrarian leader?

It goes without saying that defending such a regime exposes Greece internationally. One must remind the Prime Minister, who of late has touted the country’s positive international image, in the name of which he chastises the opposition for its opposition to the [internationally applauded] Prespa Agreement.

If the government is truly so dedicated to guarding Greece’s image it need only align itself with the overwhelming majority of democratic nations, which treat issues concerning democracy and liberty as non-negotiable.

Or could it be that there are bonds which are stronger than principle?

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