Main opposition New Democracy has expanded its double digit lead over ruling SYRIZA in a new survey released by the Public Issue polling company.

ND now has a whopping 16.5 percentage point lead – 38.5 percent versus SYRIZA’s 22 percent – in voter intention in the poll, which was conducted between 6 November and 11 November .

The centre-left Movement for Change (the core of which is comprised of what is left of Pasok) places third, with nearly 10 percent, followed by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with 7.5 percent, and extreme right Golden Dawn with 7 percent.

The survey indicates that three of the parties currently in parliament – which in the September, 2015, general election garnered an aggregate 11.2 percent of the vote and thirty seats – fall short of the three percent threshold to enter the legislature. Those parties are Stavros Theodorakis’ To Potami, Panos Kammenos’ Independent Greeks (currently SYRIZA’s junior coalition partner), and Vasilis Leventis’ Centrists’ Union.

The poll indicates that New Democracy may be able to form a single-party government if it manages to garner at least 35 percent of the popular vote.