The Minister of Interior, Panos Skourletis, today accepted an amendment by 16 SYRIZA MP’s on the bill about «Cleisthenis» and allows local election to take place the same day as the european elections.

«I think that the transmission to this new era must be done harmoniously therefore the amendment will be accepted and we -as we already knew- have local election on May» said Panos Skourletis speaking in Parliament.

Justifying his decision, Mr. Skourletis repeated his common belief that local elections should be separated from the national and european elections end pointed out that the national ones will take place on October 2019.

Late on Tuesday 16 SYRIZA MP’s suggested the first round of local elections to be held one week earlier than the european ones and the secon round, where necessary, on Sunday the european elections are held (accordind to the amendment, on May 2019 instead of October 2019, as the Ministry suggested).

However, only hours after they testified the amendment asking local elections taking place one week before european elections, today, Wednesday, they testified a new amendment.

Specifically, with the newest amendment they asked that the local elections will take place the same day as the european election and not a week earlier, as they had asked at first.

This change of date reignites triple election scenarios, including local, national and european election on May 2019.