Alexis Tsipras suffered a kicking from the France Left leader, Jean – Luc Melenchon. Speaking at the french media BFMTV, Melenchon said that Alexis Tsipras is «one of the most hideous politicians in Europe»

This answer was given after o comment the greek Prim Minister made, who tried -as Melenchon said- to teach him a lesson about the meaning of the Left wing. «I have this feeling that Melenchon does not want to take the government», Alexis Tsipras had said and continued; «I’m now sure that in case of winning the elections, he will have no idea of what to do. This is not a left wing status».

Melenchon said that «Tsipras was elected when he promised a left wing radical program and when they presented to him an unaxeptable memorandum, he declared a referendum, without accepting, at the end, the people’s vote. He broke his promise». «Why does he sell-out public property and destroy his country» questioned the French politician and continued saying that he doesn’t want any French citizen to think that in case of him winning the elections, he will become «one more… Tsipras».

Last February La France Insoumise, the party represented by Jean – Luc Melenchon, demanded that SYRIZA would be expelled from the European Left party.

During 2017 french elections, SYRIZA had supported Melenchon. Also, in 2014 Melenchon had supported Alexis Tsipras as the lead candidate of the European Left for the Commission presidency. During a meeting they had in France, Melenchon had said; «If you win the greek elections, we are all going to learn greek».

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