Mutual recriminations, personal attacks, two currents about staying in the government, and a “dirty” political game are the picture in Panos Kammenos’ Independent Greeks party, which is somehow reminiscent of Babel, or wants to appear that way.

Just one day after Kammenos said he will withdraw support for the government when the FYROM accord reaches parliament, his MP Thanasis Papachristopoulos left open the possibility of a minority government.

Kammenos said he would withdraw his party’s ministers from the cabinet, and says he does not want to topple the government, suggesting he would vote most often with the SYRIZA majority.

The minority government idea may seem opposed to Kammenos’ political game, but he implies he will topple the government.

“For us, the name issue is non-negotiable. In the final analysis, the people voted for us as a necessary good. If and when the time comes, we will execute that mandate with the biggest weapon we have – our withdrawal from the government,” he said.

Anna Karavokyri