Greece’s powerful Central Archaeological Council (KAS) today approved a revised application for the BBC to shoot scenes of John Le Carre’s Little Drummer Girl at the Sounion archaeological site, a request it had rejected just last week, on 27 March.

The director of the series is the famed Park Can-wook.

“Little Drummer Girl sees a brilliant young actress, Charlie (Pugh), strike up an acquaintance with an intriguing stranger while on vacation in Greece, but it rapidly becomes apparent that his intentions are far from romantic,” is how Hollywood reporter summarised the plot in a January, 2018, report.

The reversal of the decision came after a strong backlash, including a blistering attack by the government on the Council.

The set will be prepared on 11 April, and the shoots will take place the next day.

The application was submitted by the producer, Faliro House Productions, for a shooting for the BBC series based on Le Carre’s book.

The filming will take place from 7am until 1pm on 12 April, whereas the original application requested use of the site until 7pm.

It is unclear whether the time change was simply a face-saving measure for the Council, which had come under severe criticism.

The Archaeological Council’s decision was taken by majority, with two of the members indicating they would have approved the proposal if the shoots were not to take place during regular tourist visiting hours,