Manousos Paragioudakis, the former head of Greece’s armed forces, has said that the two Greek army officers captured by Turkish troops fell victim to an ambush in the Evros border region, and that the debacle is a set-up.

Paragioudakis told Skai in an interview that such incidents happen frequently at the borders. He said arrests are never made, and that such incidents are “resolved on the spot”.

Paragioudakis dismissed the Turkish claim that the two Greek officers had proceeded for 250 metres into Turkish territory.

“From the moment the two officers did not return immediately, the case becomes complicated. Since the incident was not resolved within the first hours, we have become entangled,” he said.

“It is impossible for them to have been captured by simple Turkish soldiers. It had to have been another unit, trained to do this, special units which had been prepared to capture Greek military men. They were acting on orders,” Paragioudakis concluded.

“At sea, it is easy to ram a ship. In Evros, it is not easy. They know that we are not playing there. There is an informal practice that you do not arrest easily. I believe that the incident occurred by design,” he underlined.

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