Sitecore, a digital experience platform software company, has introduced Experience Manager Cloud, the first fully cloud-native solution that offers business users the design flexibility, integration-friendliness and writing experience to create and deliver personalized digital experiences.

With this new addition to the Digital Experience Platform (DPX), Sitecore now offers the first SaaS suite of its kind, combining content, experience orchestration, commerce and analytics.

Sitecore’s new SaaS DXP, which is available to customers in most parts of the world, is built on a scalable architecture so that end-users can get the best possible products or an integrated platform that adapts to support needs from the high volume of content, visitors and content processing. The scalable approach enables companies to leverage the Sitecore partner ecosystem of more than 1,200 partnerships, Sitecore’s extensive network of developers, and Sitecore’s long experience in helping businesses manage and improve the customer experience.

This new direction for Sitecore confirms the ambitious plans announced earlier this year, when the company secured a $1.2 billion investment – the largest investment in marketing technology, which led to the acquisition of Boxever, Four51, Moosend and Reflektion.

For the first time, companies can take a modular approach to achieving digital experience goals, as Sitecore has integrated its portfolio through a scalable cloud architecture. Customers can now configure and link products through APIs to suit their needs, to achieve faster performance and to be able to develop their creativity to differentiate themselves in the market faster than the competition. Finally, with micro-services based, cloud-native technology, it is possible to escalate or de-escalate the activity, and instantly change the content on different channels.

Steve Tzikakis, CEO of Sitecore commented: “Today’s announcement confirms our ambition to rock the boat in the market and help companies move forward using state-of-the-art technology. Recent acquisitions have played a key role in building the highly advanced, scalable platform we have today, which we consider to be the future of DXP. Customer expectations are constantly changing, so it is important for companies to be able to work in real time, adapting experiences to keep up with demand. We support them with the technology that will make this possible. By gathering our portfolio in the cloud, companies can achieve just that and enjoy a truly unified, flexible and scalable platform – providing personalized experiences for their customers.”

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