At the gates are the big price increases in the market. Prices have… caught fire in basic necessities with consumers seeing increases in pockets and family budgets.

The first consequences will be reflected in the coming days when the data on the course of inflation will be announced.

The price-hike wave that scans fuel and staple foods could not but affect the price of coffee. The favorite drink of the Greeks is expected to reach even 5 euros.

Internationally, the price of coffee has risen by 50% since the beginning of the year as there are shortages due to the restrictive measures imposed due to the pandemic in Vietnam, but also due to the drought in Brazil. The Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, spoke about coffee served for 5 euros.

Mr. Valantis Lamprianidis, owner of a cafe, spoke about this on Mega television.

“At the moment, Brazil, which is the largest coffee-producing country, is going through a period of frost after a period of great drought. Many plantations have been destroyed and that is why we are waiting for price increases. Coffee, as an agricultural product, is very much affected by the climatic conditions”, explained Mr. Lamprianidis.

“We are a coffee grinder and we get green coffee, that is, the raw material, and we process it, we try to keep prices low. If things change with the raw material, then we will have to raise prices. Fares have also risen a lot. So far the coffee has not been affected yet, we estimate that from the next harvest we will see the price increases”, he added.

“We give coffee for 2 euros. “I do not want to imagine that it can reach the five euros it sounds like, but it can go to 2.5 euros”, said Mr. Lamprianidis.

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