Among other things, a framework for the prevention and protection against child abuse is being established in child protection structures such as nurseries, child protection institutions, Child and Disability Centers and children’s camps.

The Draft Law of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the strengthening of Social Protection, which falls under the responsibilities of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs with responsibilities for Social Solidarity, will be in public consultation on the platform until September 3.

The bill has four pillars:

Child Protection and measures to eliminate child abuse
A framework for the prevention and protection against child abuse is being established in child protection structures such as day care centers, child protection institutions, Child and Disabled Employment Centers and children’s camps.

Among other things, a Juvenile Protection Officer is appointed per structure, who is obliged to notify the competent authorities of any oral or written, personal or anonymous report of an incident of abuse by the beneficiaries of the units.

A National System for Recording and Monitoring of Reports is created, under the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), which will be the coordinating mechanism, through which the notifications of incidents of child abuse will be recorded.

It is also stipulated for the first time in Greek law that the recruitment of staff in these structures will be done by submitting a clean Criminal Record of the employee, while protecting personal data.

The institution of the Coordinator for the European Guarantee for Children is also introduced, with the aim of combating child poverty and promoting equal opportunities. The National Coordinator for the Guarantee for the Child is appointed by the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA).

People with Disabilities and the Elderly

The Personal Assistant for people with disabilities is established. He will be the natural person, who supports people with disabilities on the basis of their individual needs, to facilitate their daily activities, enhance their independent living, their equal participation in society and prevent their marginalization and institutionalization.

The protection of people with disabilities can not be limited to the benefit policy but also has a substantial active part that enhances the independent living of people with disabilities. The Personal Assistant is an important intervention in this direction that at the same time actively supports the right of people with disabilities to make and support their own choices.

Also, a framework is established for the timely prevention of the phenomenon of abuse of vulnerable groups and in particular adults with disabilities, the elderly and the chronically ill in institutions and structures that provide social welfare services, through the adoption of measures capable of preventing incidents of abuse.

“Kypseli” (Beehive) kindergarten program

A unified, holistic, daily program is created, common to all kindergartens in the country that will offer infants and toddlers the opportunity to develop their skills through different activities and stimuli and their parents to actively participate in the process. Regular monitoring of all infants and toddlers is established for the timely detection of any weaknesses and difficulties. A National Council for Preschool Education is established to coordinate pre-school education and the unified management of the new program.

Fostering – Adoption – Deinstitutionalization

Autonomous Living Apartments are established. These apartments will be located within the urban fabric, will be of non-institutional type and will simulate as much as possible the conditions of family environment in order to achieve the deinstitutionalization and the smooth integration of the teenagers living in institutions. Finally, the role of the Social Advisor for the supervision and control of the provided services in all the welfare structures of the country is strengthened.

Citizens, institutions, research and educational institutions and any other organization or legal entity are invited to participate in the consultation of the bill for the strengthening of social protection and to submit their comments within the stipulated deadline.

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