For the fourth day the fire is burning in Vilia – Authorities are worried as later in the day the winds will intensify.

The wider area of Vilia remains under fire for the fourth consecutive day after an extremely difficult night. The situation remains out of control, while at dawn there were evacuations of settlements, but without sending a message from the 112 service.

How the settlements were evacuated

At 4 a.m., firefighters suggested the precautionary evacuation of residents of five settlements, which were not officially evacuated with a message from 112, but were escorted door-to-door by police in order not to endanger them. Houses are scattered and many remote. These are the settlements of Agia Paraskevi, Karaouli, Thea, Panorama and Titan.

Concern over stronger winds

According to the Fire Department, the constant changes in the direction of the winds create serious problems for the fire brigade, although they are not very intense, but they are expected to intensify after 10:00. It is currently north, which probably favors the situation, as it turns the fire to the south, where there is a lot of burning.

It is noted that the fire brigade is occupied with many scattered hearths that burn in the wider area and in the forest of Mount Pateras.

Aerial means at work – Beriev 200 also in the frey

With the first light of day, the aerial means flew and operated 5 helicopters and 5 aircraft, including the Beriev-200. There are 427 firefighters from the ground forces, nine groups of fire fighters on foot, 149 vehicles and the 143 firefighters from Poland with 46 vehicles.

According to MEGA, it is the largest concentration of ground forces in the area since the fire broke out.

The OLYMPUS Mobile Operational Center has been provided to assist in the coordination of forces. Assistance is provided by the Greek Army with 5 groups of infantry units and construction machinery, volunteer firefighters, as well as water and earthmoving machinery of the Region and the Local Government. The fire brigade is coordinated by the head of the Fire Brigade, Lieutenant General Stefanos Kolokouris.

What is happening in Lavreotiki

The fire that broke out on August 16 in a forest area in Lavreotiki is limited and strong ground forces remain throughout. Assistance is provided by volunteer firefighters, construction machinery and water tankers. It is noted that all the Services of the Territorial Fire Brigade remain on general alert and the air surveillance patrols continue, as well as joint patrols by the Fire, Police and Military Forces.

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