Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis accepted the “Global Champion Award for COVID-19 Crisis Management”

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTCC) awarded Greece a top international distinction, with special importance for the promotion of Greece as a global example of safe opening of tourism.

The “Global Champion Award for COVID-19 Crisis Management” was received by the Minister of Tourism Mr. Haris Theocharis, in a special event, in the context of the annual global conference of the WTCC, which is being held this year in Cancun, Mexico.

Commenting on the award given to Greece by the WTCC, Mr. Theocharis pointed out the following: “I feel very honored for this exceptional – and extremely substantial – distinction for Greece. I warmly thank the World Travel and Tourism Council for offering me the opportunity, in my capacity as Minister of Tourism, to receive this award on behalf of the Greek Government, on behalf of my entire country. The ‘Global Champion Award for COVID-19 Crisis Management’ awards the entire Greek tourism industry.

The WTCC recognizes the effort – better yet the extra effort – with which employees, entrepreneurs and all those involved in the provision of tourism services have contributed to an unprecedented success for Greece. We all managed to keep the national tourism product alive during an unprecedentedly difficult period.

And at the same time we have managed to keep alive the hope for millions of people around the world, proving in practice that health security can be achieved. And security can in turn make travel possible, even under siege from the pandemic. Receiving this great award, representing my country, I feel closer than ever to every Greek man and woman working in the national tourism industry, to every fellow citizen who toils every day so that Greece can best meet the expectations of all those who visit or intend to visit it from every corner of the earth. The ‘Global Champion Award for COVID-19 Crisis Management’ is a certification that Greece is a top tourist destination, with exemplary implementation of health protocols, with original and innovative solutions, with an unparalleled level of care for every traveler, for every family, or group of tourists. Today’s award guarantees that the ‘brand name Greece’ has not accidentally emerged as a synonym of secure and carefree holidays “.

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