Spiegel in its online edition urges its readers to take a vacation in Greece, on the occasion of the abolition of the quarantine for travelers from the EU and five other countries under the condition of a negative PCR test or vaccine.

Spiegel describes Greece as “already the most favorite destination of the summer”.

Speaking to the German magazine, Christiane Piltz, from the specialized travel agency for Greece Attika Reisen, says that there is a clear feeling that people want to travel, but also that customers are more interested in individual travel rather than group travel.

Seven suggestions 
“Greece is suitable for personalized travel, because it has more than 3,000 islands, including the rocky islets,” the columnist points out, according to DW.

“Enough to offer tourist destinations for the next decade. First of all, we recommend islands that have some features, such as small accommodations, realistic prices and a lot of authenticity. In some cases, more time for the trip to the tourist destination “. So what are the 7 tips? These are 7 islands that offer such opportunities. Specifically, it states:

Folegandros is for romantics and those who enjoy life
Leros is 8 hours by boat from Piraeus, and is ideal for divers and sea lovers.
Kythira, where as in Cyprus people claim that Aphrodite was born, is suitable for lovers of nature and history.
Astypalea, in the shape of a butterfly, despite the rocky beaches and sandy beaches, accessible only by boat, has dreamy villages and unparalleled authenticity.
Andros, just one hour from the port of Rafina, offers over 30 beaches and is green, has taverns and is known for its traditional cuisine.
Evia is known for the thermal baths visited by Onassis, Callas, and Churchill.
Finally, Syros hosts visitors both in winter and summer and the inhabitants do not live primarily from tourism. The island is suitable for friends of architecture and researchers “, reports Spiegel.

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