The picture of what occurred on 18 December is not clear.

It remains murky due to the diametrically opposed accounts of Greek Police on the one hand and on the other of the family whose home is next door to the occupied building that police were sent to evacuate.

The assertions of the two sides differ as to the possible involvement of the homeowner’s two sons in the occupation of the building next door and as to the use of violence by police.

The only thing certain is that the occupiers used violence. They themselves admitted that they threw a number of objects toward the policemen on the street.

That violence was certainly condemnable. But what is important now is to investigate in depth the manner in which policed acted. Did it go over the line? Did police act in a tolerable framework for such operations?

It would clearly be wrong for one to rush to hasty conclusions. It would be equally wrong not to lay the blame wherever it may exist.

Not attributing responsibility would send the wrong message to police as it would give them the impression that they can violate their duties without any consequences.

Society needs the police to be by its side and not opposing it.

The restoration of legality that most citizens hope for canno come from arbitrary state action and violations.

In an-depth investigation is proof of this outlook.

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