Panic is a bad counselor, and it is by now evident that the government is acting with a sense of panic as it is faced with a torrent of recent negative events.

Obviously, the government and the prime minister are seeking a way out of the impasse which they themselves created when they made staying in power at all costs a basic, existential objective.

The PM’s office appears to now realise that its objective has an exceptionally high price.

In a democracy the only way out for a faltering government is to call elections.

It appears that the government may have finally understood this as is evidenced by the fiscal stimulus package which includes part of an extra 13th pension for retirees which will for the first time be disbursed at the end of the month.

The government’s haste in paying this benefit immediately indicates that the timing of the general election may be sooner rather than later.

Despite Mr. Tsipras’ assurances that the general election will be held in October there are more and more indications that it may well be in June.

The government has every reason to hold the general election before the tray with the pension bonus becomes cold.

This may be one of rare instances in which the national interest coincides with that of this government.

The country at this point needs parliamentary elections.

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