Delinquent debt of taxpayers to the state skyrocketed to 1.4 bn euros in September, the month that the first instalment of the dread ENFIA real estate was due.

Of that amount, 513mn euros concern taxes that remained unpaid by households and businesses that were financially unable to meet their obligations.

In September alone, the number of delinquent debtors rose by 510,428, making a total of 4.31mn taxpayers, up from 3.8mn delinquent taxpayers at the end of August.

One in two taxpayers owes back taxes

According to Independent Public Revenue Authority (IPRA) data, the new sum total of delinquent debt rose from 6.4bn euros in at the end of August to 7.8bn euros at the end of September.

The total amount of debt of households and businesses to the state was an astronomical 103bn euros, which along with fines amounts to 185bn euros.

That is more than Greece’s GDP.

As delinquent debt rises the Public Revenue Authority has sped up seizures of bank account deposits and property.

Of 4.3mn delinquent debtors, 1.9mn face confiscation of assets by the state.

The state collected 3.99bn euros from seizures and payment arrangements with delinquent debtors between January and the end of September, 2018.