Why is the education minister announcing the appointment of a certain number of tenured teachers by 2021, and not by 2031 or 2041, for example?

Naturally, there is no reason. What one sees is the anxiety of the government to distribute hope and promises with a view towards elections, the date of which has not been announced, but which seem ever more in sight.

Pre-electoral anxieties cannot be hidden, and they are perfectly legitimate, as long as they do not cross the line that separates the announcement of elections from mockery.

On can easily understand that the minister’s announcement has clearly crossed the line.

It is obvious that the message that he is sending to unappointed teachers is, “Vote for us now, and we will appoint you in three years.” If the manner in which this is done constitutes a mockery, the method is buying votes.

The manner and the method unfortunately bear witness to the fact that the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government has riled up all the longstanding dysfunctions of political life.

In fact, it reproduces these ills in a more cynical manner. It pledges and promises actions far more into the future than any previous government dared to do. The implementation of these pledges is guaranteed not by legislation, but rather only by the prime ministers promises at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

Given the fact that it will not be in power to implement these promises in the long term, why not announce teachers’ appointments through 2041?

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