The European Commission’s first vice-president, Frans Timmermans told a plenary session of the European Parliament today that either there will be a European solution to the issue of migration or there will be no solution.

The remarks came on the heels of European Council President Donald Tusk’s suggestion that perhaps the burden-sharing plan for the relocation of migrants could be scrapped.

Timmermans reiterated the position of the competent European Commissioner for migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, that there must be EU solidarity in grappling with the issue.

“Solidarity is a basic element of the EU. I disagree with the idea that relocation of refugees which was decided during the crisis has been ineffective. Over 32,000 people were relocated. All tools are necessary, otherwise the structure will collapse, and that will cause permanent harm as well to the common market,” Timmermans said.

Regarding the revision of the Dublin Treaty, which determines migration procedures, Timmermans said that the Commission and the European Parliament have made their proposals, and now the ball is in the European Council’s court. In other words, EU leaders must decide.

“Either we shall find a European solution to the issue of migration, or there will be no solution. Only a solution of the Dublin issue can provide a solution for Schengen. A limited number of countries cannot shoulder the burden on their own,” the Commission Vice President said.

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