After the end of the process, an order is expected to be given for the release of the two Greek-owned tankers held by the Iranian authorities

The process of transfusing the oil from the Greek-owned tanker “Ice Energy” to the Iranian-flagged tanker “Lana” began on Thursday, following the relevant decision taken by the Supreme Court of Greece.

From “Ice Energy” 56,000 tons of crude oil are expected to be recovered and transferred to “Lana”, which after the process is expected to sail to its destination.

After the end of the process, an order is expected to be given for the release of the two Greek-owned tankers held by the Iranian authorities in the Persian Gulf.

Prohibition of anchoring and passage

In this context, the headquarters of the Coast Guard decided to take temporary anchorage-transit measures within the Piraeus anchorage.

In particular and “with the aim of the smooth implementation of the mandated in relation to be carried out between the D/X “ICE ENERGY” (IMO No. 9301732) of Liberia and the D/X “LANA” of Iran (IMO No. 9256860), it is decided the temporary and until the end of the procedure, prohibition of anchoring and passage of ships at a distance of one (01 nautical mile) around the following point: φ=37 52΄ 04.2΄΄ N, λ=023 31΄ 34.3 ΄΄ E. Violators of this Decision shall be punished, regardless of any criminal sanctions or other sanctions incurred by the existing legislation, in accordance with article 157 of ND 187/1973 (A’ 261/1973), as applicable”.

The Greek ships in the Persian

“OT” already reported that there is movement near the Greek ships as a representative of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the area to monitor the whole issue.

The Greeks are in good health, but they are suffering having been detained on the ships for such a long time.

The two Greek-flagged tankers detained are the Delta Poseidon of the company Delta Tankers of Diamantis Diamantis and the Prudent Warrior of the company Polembros Shipping Limited of Spyros Polemis. On the Delta Poseidon there are 25 crew members of which two are Greeks and on the Prudent Warrior there are 23 crew members of which 8 are Greeks and one Cypriot.


Initially, the tanker carrying Iranian oil was seized on the grounds that it belonged to Russia’s Promsvyazbank, one of Russia’s sanctions-hit banks.

The vessel that was named “Pegas” (It was renamed Lana after it stopped at Karystos) had encountered mechanical problems while en route to the southern Peloponnese to unload its cargo to another tanker and due to difficult weather conditions, had to stop off Karystos on April 14.

There, it was held following a request for judicial assistance submitted by the US, on the grounds that the proceeds from the sale of the oil would end up financing terrorism. The tanker was carrying 107,000 tons of Iranian oil in its tanks.

At the beginning of June, the Council of Appeals of Chalkida accepted the objections filed by the legal representative of the company that owns the cargo, regarding the seizure and transfer of the oil to the tanker “Ice Energy”. According to the court order it should be returned.

Then after an appeal, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the shipping company that had chartered a tanker (Ice Energy) on behalf of the American authorities to transport the “Lana” oil to the USA.

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