“Athena” continues its offensive in Greece having already created problems in several areas. The Ionian islands, Epirus and Achaia were inundated in the last few hours by the rains and storms, with the citizens facing the fury of nature.

From Wednesday, October 6, until last night, the Operations Center of the Fire Brigade received 127 calls, with 81 concerning tree felling, water pumping and removal of objects. Analytically:

The Ionian Islands Region received a total of 27 calls, while the actions that were carried out included
4 water removals
13 tree felling
removal of two people from a car

The Region of Western Greece received a total of 33 calls, while actions were carried out for
4 water removals
6 tree cuttings

The Region of Central Macedonia received a total of 36 calls, while actions were carried out for
8 water removals
24 tree felling
2 object removals

The Region of Epirus received a total of 14 calls, while actions were carried out for 9 tree cuttings.

The Region of Western Macedonia received a total of 10 calls, while actions were carried out in 5 water removals.

The Region of Thessaly received a total of 7 calls, while actions were carried out for
3 water removals
1 tree cutting and
1 item removal

Phenomena are still strong today (9/10)

Today, rains and thunderstorms are expected in most parts of the country with the exception of Crete and the Dodecanese.

The effects will be locally strong, mainly in the Ionian Islands, Western Sterea, Northwestern Peloponnese, Eastern Thessaly, Evia and the islands of the Eastern Aegean.

The probability of hail has increased, mainly in the west.

Areas that will receive significant amounts of rain include areas of Evia affected by the recent fires.

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