Professor of Pulmonology Nikos Tzanakis characterized the video with the vaccination with the third dose of the Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim as the “absolute example”.

The big problem, he added, is located in the approximately one thousand monasteries in Greece that are anti-vaccination strongholds, with a few exceptions such as the vaccinated nuns of the Holy Communion of the Annunciation in Ormylia, Halkidiki and the Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Theologian, in Souroti.

The professor stressed to Sky TV that the state bodies and the national health system must work with the Metropolitans (Bishops), as the Church has the prestige and the operational means through the parishes, the church councils and the priests, to make a difference to the unvaccinated.

According to a recent study referred to by Mr. Tzanakis, a percentage of 11% of those who are not vaccinated put forward religious reasons as the reason for their decision.

“If we take 4 million unvaccinated persons, half a million of these people directly link their attitude to religious reasons.”

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