The total value of the contract is 29,313,169.72 including deductions, expenses and VAT.

After an open electronic tender, Space Hellas undertook the project “Development of information and telecommunication systems to strengthen the national capacity for control and surveillance of external borders” of the Ministry of Civil Protection.

The total value of the contract is € 29,313,169.72 including deductions, expenses and VAT.

This is a very important project that aims to strengthen the national capacity of control and surveillance of external borders and consequently the security of Greece. It concerns the supply of equipment, accompanied by the necessary software, which will allow all the required work to be performed by the Police in the framework of the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2017/2226 of the European Parliament and of the Council on TEU, while ensuring uninterrupted and smooth operation of the national TEU (connection of police services to the national interface).

Specifically, the project concerns the implementation and application of the national TEU, requires the implementation of new procedures during the passport control by the competent police personnel in the Passport Control Services (PCS) of the country, as well as the supply and installation of new equipment in all Border Crossing Points (land, air and sea).

In addition, it contains the necessary equipment that will allow access to the border crossing points, to the Police Services responsible for granting an extension of the short-stay period, to check the legal or illegal residence of foreign nationals of third countries, as well as to the Police Services, the responsible for the prevention, detection and investigation of terrorist offenses or other serious criminal offenses.

More specifically, the project includes state-of-the-art equipment for data center and backup (DRS) configuration, central IT equipment (servers, switches, routers, firewalls), storage, fixed and portable computer peripheral equipment, database imaging software data, fixed and mobile biometric data acquisition systems, Self Service Systems, e-Gates and Automated Border Control Systems (ABCS).

Space Hellas with more than 35 years of presence in the field of ICT and having successfully completed major reference projects in our country, is ready to meet the complexity and requirements of this very critical project, providing the most complete technological solutions to complete with complete success.

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