By the end of 2021, the country will have received 8 billion euros from the funds of the Recovery Fund, said the Deputy Minister of Finance, Theodoros Skylakakis, speaking at the stand of ΟΤ at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

In fact, he pointed out how important it is for Greece to deal with the Climate Crisis, noting that there are some projects for this purpose, funded by the European Fund.

The Deputy Minister of Finance stated that from tomorrow the government will start presenting investments and there will be two very important news about loans and loan eligibility, while he also announced the first contract with the banks.

Climate Crisis Projects

Regarding the projects to deal with the Climate Crisis, Mr. Skylakakis noted: “We had already planned some. We will need additional money for forests and to cover the money of the agricultural sector effectively. The rapid climate change is something that puts us in danger, and its extreme phenomena”

He added that the consequences are very harmful for both the forests and the agricultural sector, adding that the country was not prepared, as there was no perception that this crisis was coming and would hit the agricultural sector. He also asked the opposition party not to raise these important issues in the field of controversy. “I would ask the opposition to remove these 3 areas from the field of controversy.”

He also added that works to prevent floods will be carried out, but not large ones, as there is no much time left. They must be done in such a way, so as to reduce the damage and to carry out prevention and rehabilitation works, while reforestation was also mentioned.

Answering a relevant question, he noted that, by the end of the year, dozens of projects directly related to the Fund will be realized. Among them, the first ones to be completed are those that can be done by August 2026 and those that show high profitability.

The Deputy Minister stated that the overall project works in favor of companies, due to the low interest rates (close to zero offered), when the market average is close to 4%

“We have taken the first steps. The money is already in our coffers, with 4 billion euros added, and, by the end of the year, 8 billion euros will be accumulated. Not only will this money be invested in the the economy, but also some reforms will be carried out.”

Concerning the criticism of the opposition that the government had designed the Fund for the “few and the elite”, he replied that a budget of 1.5 billion euros was provided for the small and medium-sized enterprises and that there are also plans to strengthen the hospitals. Last but not least, he referred to the Northern Road Axis of Crete, which is also funded by the Fund.

“The Greek economy is shifting gears”

Regarding what Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced, he said that the cost amounts to 3.5 billion euros, expressing, at the same time, his dissatisfaction with the comments of the opposition.

In particular, he referred to both the development and the privatizations, which were announced these days (HEDNO, DEPA Infrastructure and Egnatia), with the total price exceeding 4 billion euros.

“The Greek economy is shifting gears, changing category and becoming investment friendly.”

The deputy minister said privatizations had attracted a lot of interest and investments in the country. He added that GDP growth should be included, which is accompanied by a large increase in investment and exports.

“Our policy was to reduce the investment gap and the tax evasion and this is what we did. For this purpose, we can give money. What we can do at this stage, without endangering the economy.”

Primary surpluses

Beyond that, the Deputy Minister referred to the negotiations that are starting at a European level for the Stability Pact. “We are going to negotiate on these goals at a European level. He added that the Greek government wants a reasonable goal for the primary surplus of 2023.

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