Greece’s Central Archaeological Council has unanimously approved the preliminary plans for the construction of a protective outer shell around the Kasta Tomb monument in Amphipoli and work to prepare the compound to receive visitors, including visitor paths.

The plans further elaborate the architectural study approved by the CAC in December 2019.

“The work on the monument at the Kasta Tomb is going ahead methodically and systematically. In our last inspection of the monument last June we had announced that the above architectural studies would be submitted to the CAS for approval by the end of August. In an intensive way we are absorbing the delays in the progress of the work due to the pandemic so that the monument can be visited by special groups of the public from 2022,” Culture and Sports Minister Lina Mendoni said.

According to a culture ministry announcement, the outer shell around the monument aims to permanently protect the site, which has lost its roof and portico, from damp and weather conditions that may damage the sensitive colours and coating of the walls, as well as the sphinx sculptures.

It also aims to ensure stable temperature and humidity conditions through the installation of an electrical/mechanical systems for the entire monument, including lighting and air conditioning.

The shell will be designed so as to reference but not copy the ancient portico, in an abstract way that blends harmoniously with the monument and is also functional, while enhancing the monument’s accessibility to visitors.

There will also be a raised path through the interior of the monument, where the mosaic floor will be covered with glass, while a corridor with a glass floor will allow viewing of the caryatids and the mosaic depicting the abduction of Persephone.

Other routes will lead to earlier Iron Age graves and provide a view of the site from above.

You can view a video presenting the architectural study:

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