Greek public health authorities on Monday said specific groups who will take precedence in a possible third booster shot against the Covid-19 virus will be patients with depleted immune systems, residents of elderly care facilities, and finally, those over the age of 60.

The development was announced after a session of the national committee for vaccinations, with members adding that the issue of a third booster shot should not overshadow the need for people to get fully vaccinated with the current two-dose and one-dose vaccines available.

In a related development that made the headlines on Monday afternoon, former Greek PM Alexis Tsipras appeared on a prime-time newscast and said controversial MP Pavlos Polakis, who served on his Cabinet as the alternate health minister, has received a first Covid-19 vaccine.

Polakis, a firebrand leftist from Crete and a general surgeon has for months declined to receive the vaccination, at one time saying that he’ll get inoculated, “but only with tested vaccines”.

Tsipras added that all MPs of his leftist SYRIZA party have now been vaccinated for Covid-19.

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