The government is rightly hammering out a package of serious “antidotes” for the burgeoning problem of inflation in food prices.

This should be drafted very swiftly as a comprehensive plan because it concerns households nationwide.

They are already feeling the pain from the economic repercussions of the pandemic, which came straight on the heels of Greece’s decade-long economic crisis and the decline in purchasing power.

In that sense, we should not interpret price hikes on basic goods as a natural phenomenon that cannot be changed, even if it is caused by external factors.

On the contrary, we should view this new challenge as a dynamic field that can include actions, interventions and protective arrangements.

The issue is decisive for maintaining social cohesion and social peace, which must not be jeopardised.

It may be obvious, yet one must be reminded that the supermarket cart and the cost of food for the average family lies at the core of its budget planning and reflects its standard of living.

The cumulative impact of price hikes and the economic repercussions of the pandemic must not be allowed to create an explosive climate this autumn.

That will give an opportunity to the lurking forces of populism, which offer simplistic answers to complex problem.

Stemming the trend toward higher prices, beyond the humanitarian aspect, is a broader challenge for our democracy.

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