In collaboration with Mary Hatzakou of MEVGAL

Spyros Theodoropoulos made his first investment in the post-Chipita era, as together with Mary Hatzakou they acquired 43% of MEVGAL, which is owned by CVC Capital Partners through Delta, a subsidiary of Vivartia.

According to secure information from, the percentage held by the American fund CVC was “divided” exactly in the middle between Sp. Theodoropoulos and M. Hatzakou, who got 21.5% each.

It should be noted that the Hatzakou family already maintains a 43% stake in the Macedonian dairy industry, which means that with the acquisition of an additional 21.5% it will become dominant in MEVGAL, while Sp. Theodoropoulos will also have a significant percentage.

The acquisition price of 43% by CVC is estimated to have moved to higher levels compared to the last valuation carried out by Deloitte for MEVGAL.

Prior to the takeover agreement, for which the final signatures remain to be formally signed, CVC had made a proposal to the Hatzakou family to acquire its 43%, but was rejected as unsatisfactory.

In 2020, MEVGAL closed with a 3% increase in turnover to 117 million euros, while its investment plan for the 5 years amounts to 20 million euros and includes the creation of a new production line in the cheese industry.

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