Unvaccinated people “just have to suffer, when they want to come out again, they have to take a test again”, clarified the Deputy Minister of Digital Government, Gιorgos Georgantas

Suffering awaits those who want to enter restaurants and entertainment venues without having been vaccinated.

This is because every time they will have to undergo a rapid test, issuing a digital certificate, according to what the Deputy Minister of Digital Government, Giorgos Georgantas, described, describing the way in which citizens will ensure their access to both purely vaccinated entertainment venues. as well as in mixed venues.

As he explained, shopkeepers will not see the personal data of the citizens, they will just scan the QR bearing the certificates.

“The vaccinated customer will go with the certificate on his mobile phone, he will scan it in the application of the store and if a green light comes on, he will be able to pass.

Those who have a negative test will enter the mixed stores. The rapid test is performed at a diagnostic center and is officially registered by it. In this way, the digital European certificate is issued, which has a QR code. “They just have to suffer, when they want to go out again, they have to take the test again,” said Mr. Georgantas.

Intense mobility in vaccination appointments

Regarding the course of vaccination appointments, after the announcement of the privileges, he noted that there is intense mobility in all categories and not only among young people.

Since last Monday when the freedom pass was announced for young people aged 18-24 until today, 120,000 new appointments have been scheduled, which correspond to approximately 60,000 citizens of all age categories. About half of them are young people aged 18-24, who have entered the platform and have made their appointments.

At the moment they have all the comfort to make appointments whenever they want and in many different places. This may lead them to leave it for a little later. On the other hand, if we stay at this rate of vaccinations, at 100,000 per day, it is very satisfactory start to lead us to the results we want at the end of the summer “, Mr. Georgantas pointed out, who estimated that at the end of August the percentage will reach 70%.

At the same time, he announced the sending of new SMS in the following days to the citizens registered in the intangible prescription program to schedule their appointment for vaccination.

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