A looming “green shift” in the European Union’s Common Agriculture Policy until 2030, at least, is expected to mandate greater restrictions on toxic input in cultivations, as well as in expanding organic agriculture and stock-breeding to at least 25 percent of land set aside for farm use.

If implemented, however, for Greece that translates into a 15-percent in the number of organic cultivations produced on an annual basis.

Of course, the Union must also first include the agriculture sector in its “Green Deal”, which would mean access to “Green” private capital in order to transform much of the production to a sustainable state.

Currently, the Union funnels 58 billion euros annual towards the farm sector. However, private investment is increasingly important.

A recent study by fi-compass in 24 member-states detected a “gap” in agriculture financing of between 19.7 to 46.6 billion euros, and more than 12.8 billion euros for the agri-foods sector.

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