Andreas Kondylis, Mayor of Alimos, first mentioned that Alimos is a municipality with thousands of years of history and a cultural heritage with archaeological monuments.

However, as he pointed out, many of these archeological monuments are not widely known, as before they are presented to the public, there must be some preparation with other bodies, such as the Ministry of Culture, in this case. He noted that “Alimos is a beautiful but not so advertised municipality”.

He then pointed out that the municipality of Alimos “wants a piece of the development of the Athenian Riviera”, after all, as the municipality said it has a clear sea just fifteen minutes away from Athens downtown, “tourists come and do not believe it”, he said characteristically.

He also added that recycling and the wider green transition is the “big bet”. He also referred to the fact that all the lighting of the municipality has been switched to LED technology in 2020, achieving in time the relevant forecasts of the covenant of Mayors.

Another big issue is waste and its management. Mr. Kondylis spoke about the introduction of brown bins for organic waste that will turn into fertilizer, but also the need of using special garbage trucks. He also reminded the need to inform the citizens about the proper development of the network.

He concluded that emphasis should be given to the use of the blue and brown bins and that the citizens must understand the situation.

He described as a “trigger” both the investment in Elliniko and the renovation of the Alimos marina. He said that planning is required for the utilization of the projects, while he characterized as a bet the properties that “we will get from the renovation of Elliniko”. He even referred to the creation of a gallery in order to attract tourists.

He described Alimos as a municipality friendly to citizens, especially with the ramps that were made, but also pointed out the need for cooperation with the citizens. It was reported that it is “a friendly city, with green spaces, small parks and good lighting” but there is a need for continuous interventions and ongoing maintenance, while he also referred to the cancellation of the bicycle rental program due to vandalism.

Finally, he said that today there is better cooperation with the central government, compared to the previous one. The new political leadership, he said, is moving in the same direction and pointed out that program evaluations should proceed quickly and funding should be accelerated.

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