“The crisis in Afghanistan must mean the time of Europe,” European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said in a statement on the sidelines of a meeting with Naoussa Mayor Nikola Karanikolas.

Unity, cohesion and solidarity of all Europeans is the basic condition for the European Union to face the many and difficult things that the European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas pointed out in her statements on the sidelines of a meeting with the Mayor of Naoussa, Nikolas Karanikolas.

Mr. Schinas, according to the APE-MPE, referred to the dramatic developments in Afghanistan, the disasters in Europe from floods and fires as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

This year was one of the most disastrous summers

“We are emerging from a summer that will be remembered as one of the most devastating in recent years in Europe,” he said. Fires in Greece and other Mediterranean countries were a great ordeal for our societies and brought national civil protection systems to the limits of their endurance. At the same time, the value of the power of solidarity among Europeans has been demonstrated in practice. ”

The largest mobilization in the history of the European Union in favor of Greece

Referring to the European Union’s assistance to Greece in dealing with the fires, he stressed that “the mobilization – on the side of Greece facing a series of trials – of the largest European firefighters and firefighting means in the history of the EU, stressed once again that Europeans when in trouble, are always united “.

The crisis in Afghanistan must mean Europe time

Regarding the challenges of the developments in Afghanistan, Mr. Schoinas noted: “The dramatic developments in Afghanistan pose similar challenges to the value of the unity and joint action of Europeans. The crisis in Afghanistan must mean the time of Europe.

– First by ensuring that the Member States finally agree on the new European immigration and asylum policy and the proposals for a new Pact that we proposed last September. The political time for this great deal is now.

– Next, work with the UN and the international community to build support and reception structures close to the problem by reducing potential pressures on our external borders.

– Finally, supporting those who worked with us and defended our values ​​and who now need our help. “At the emergency council of EU interior ministers on Tuesday, we will move forward with all these goals.”

Get vaccinated

Regarding the pandemic, he called on the people to be vaccinated, saying that “the fight against the pandemic and its consequences continues with Europe united and much better prepared than last August”. He noted that the European vaccination program is progressing well and will be intensified, stressing: “Everyone should be vaccinated immediately to protect themselves and their own people from the virus. The message is simple: get vaccinated, get vaccinated, get vaccinated. On the other hand, the European COVID certificate saved our tourism this summer and the national Recovery and Sustainability plans have now gone from planning to implementation “.

“Europe is a bridge of stability”

“From immigration and asylum to public health, education and culture, the policies and values ​​that make up the European way of life and the model of our society are being tested hard but show that they can withstand unprecedented pressures. In an increasingly insecure and unstable world, Europe is emerging as an anchor of stability and a force for good. A basic condition for achieving the many and difficult things that we have in front of us is the unity, cohesion and solidarity of all Europeans”, noted Mr. Schoinas.

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