The breakdown of Greek courier services and e-shops due to their inability to handle greatly increased consumer demand reveals a weakness in discerning the new facts and realities created by the pandemic.

Although the market may have been startled by the first wave of the epidemic it was expected and almost certain that there would be a second one.

Such enterprises should have suitably prepared and made the necessary investments both in personnel and material infrastructure.

The excuses offered by a segment of the market in order to justify dysfunctions, delays of many days, and inconveniencing the public are hardly convincing.

An entrepreneur is obliged to pick up the messages of the times and prepare effectively.

Already in the spring with a second wave already I sight there was a rapid, major shift in consumer behaviour and an explosion of e-commerce.

This trend began to emerge long before the outbreak of the epidemic in Greece, while abroad it was a long-established part of daily life.

Enterprises that are actively doing business in this sector should even at this late date review their objectives and strategies, taking into account the fact that consumers habituation with and preference for electronic purchases is here to stay.

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