An unprecedented massacre in Velodrome for Olympiacos, with Jesús Gil Manzano doing incredible things and «executing» the red and whites with two penalties – a gift, giving the three-pointer to Marseille with 2-1.

Olympiacos in a game that was in complete control until the 55th minute and that was comfortably leading 0-1 thanks to a goal by Camara in the 32nd minute saw the Spanish scamp deprived him of three points that would have him in the qualifying game in the «16» of the Champions League in the last match.

Now, with the slaughter by Manzano, he got into trouble for the third place as well, since the two incredible whistles of the Spaniard brought the French team an and the team of Piraeus to a tie.

From the beginning of the match it seemed that the red and whites had come up with a clear plan that would bring them the win that would lock the third place and would give them hope even for the second. Martins had set up the team perfectly, it was hardly threatened at all in the first half and really the only way to bend was the set pieces.

The first threat came in the 13th minute. Fortounis crossed, El Arabi caught the header, but sent the ball to Madanta who blocked firmly. In the 19th minute, of course, the Moroccan forward made a big mistake in a parallel turn, but fortunately Toven’s shot did not worry Sa who fell in his right corner and blocked firmly.

In the 30th minute came the most important threat with Roger for Marseille, who after Payet’s cross shot from the height of the penalty but did not threaten Sa. In the 32nd minute Olympiacos opened the score.

Brusai made a very nice chance from the left, he laid out in Camara and he with a very nice move in the area semicircle, brought the ball to the left and with a beautiful shot sent the ball into the net of the helpless to react Madanda.

Olympiacos with the whistle at the end of the half went to the locker room happy and having done half the work, with the team of Piraeus having the match going their way.

In the second part, Manzano took action

Olympiacos in the first minutes of the second half received pressure from Marseille, without being particularly threatened, except for a header from Caleta-Car in 47 ′. The red and whites controlled the match even there, until in the 55th minute Gil Manzano decided to take action.

In the 53rd minute, the Spanish referee did not give anything to Cisse’s marking on Thauvin and let the game develop. After a few seconds… thought again, stopped the game and waited for the VAR to see what it would say.

The Senegalese finds the Marseille player, but the marking is not clear whether he is inside or outside the area. Manthano went to see the chance and decided that it is a penalty, without having seen a single replay, with Payet taking over the execution at 55′ και and beating Sa for 1-1.

And if we assume that Manzano saw the chance and decided with his judgment, what happened in the 73rd minute is unprecedented.

After a shot by Thauvin outside the area, the referee gave Rafinha a hand and a foul outside the area, because the position of the Brazilian’s hand was unnatural. A minute later, however, he changed his decision and showed the point of the penalty, without even going to look at the phase, while according to what we saw from the replay, Rafinha does not seem to step inside the area, while neither his hand is inside her.

A real massacre by the Spaniard who literally made a mess. Payet took the lead again and beat Sa again, shooting from the same angle for Marseille 2-1.

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