Hours before the crucial meeting between Alexis Tsipras and Tayyip Erdogan about the two greek militants that are imprisoned at Edirne, Nikos Kotzias raised his voice.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs was tough claiming that those said about the two militants spying are nonsense.

«Τhe two militants wait more than four months now for their trial. They are supposed to be suspects for spying. Is that realistic for spies to travel in army uniforms? This is nonsense! Whatever they saw there, 10 meters from the borderline, they could have seen from the greek side using binoculars», Mr Kotzias said at his interview for  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs continued fiercely and said that «I believe that freedom and the value of human life are not the same important in Turkey as in Greece.

It often reminds me of Middle East, where human life and freedom are also valued differently as in Greece» and pointed out «we would never arrest two Turkeys nor would have we kept them in prison for months without a trial. When it comes to freedom and people’s dignity no one plays political games. This is unaccepted».

About the Refugee Crisis, Mr Kotzias said that «when our relations with Turkey are intense, all of a sudden refugees come to greek islands by hundreds. When there is no tense, they hardly come. And I wonder; Is that irrelevant, or has it anything  to do  with politics?».

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