On July 21, 2021, a unique venture begins, a long voyage to the Arctic Ocean led by explorer Marios Giannakou and with the exclusive support of the Ekaterini Laskaridis Foundation and BlueCycle.

The aim of the mission is to document the problems arising from climate change and pollution in the Arctic and its fauna, as well as European strategies implemented to protect the marine environment in this sensitive area.

With a clear orientation towards naval research but also in the educational dimension of such an endeavor, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation actively participates and supports the Greek mission. BlueCycle also participates in the event, the only circular economy activity in Greece for the recycling and utilization of marine plastic waste and in particular of fishing and shipping equipment.

In an effort to highlight the true extent of climate change, but also the prospects for the circular economy in fishing-related activities, members of the mission will sail in inaccessible areas, meet with indigenous Saami populations and members of the Norwegian fishing community to capture an ever-evolving situation.

The experiences of the mission, as recorded, will be presented in a series of actions aimed at raising awareness, while the public will be able to follow the journey of the mission and ask their questions on social media.

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